Quality Assurance

We have a sound Quality Management System in place. We achieve perfection in quality by using Excellent Quality raw material, Compliance to quality norms and stringent check at every stage of production. Training to employees is provided on a product-by-product quality information basis to ensure Total Quality Management (TQM). A six tier Quality Assurance and Management is adopted by the Company which includes three tier Internal Audit by Company’s Q.A. team and another three tier External Audit by the ‘Buyer’s Representatives’. A practice of maintaining the Quality Points for every product to be exported is recorded and displayed at the work place for strict following to ensure minimal non-confirmity. We have a standing repute of 35 years of successful EPNS work record care our partner of the firm.

As a matter of our principle and routine we do not compromise with Quality. Quality for us is our aim, desire, approach, attitude, behaviour, assurance, theme, essence, practice and commitment we are Quality conscious from the beginning to the end.

Our Speciality

Our specialty is in EPNS work in brass. We can perform EPNS work in Stainless Steel as well as in Aluminium with the same gusto. Our success has been our endeavour to maintain the EPNS quality despite the Price War.

Our Product Range

The company offers a wide range of decorative gift, and utility items made by using the finest quality of Glass, Glass beads, Brass, EPNS, Iron, Copper, Aluminium etc. We provide metal items in finishes like Electroplated (silver, zinc, copper, nickel, black nickel, gold, pewter etc.) Antique, Patina, Anodized, Natural, Powder Coated, Painted etc.

Our classified Product Range

  1. Christmas Decorative (In metal, glass, and beads)
  2. Votives (In metal, glass, metal-glass combination, and beads)
  3. Cutlery / Flat Cutlery, Designer Cutlery,
  4. Candle holders/ Hurricanes (In metal, glass, metal-glass combination and beads)
  5. Lanterns (In metal, metal-glass combination, and beads)
  6. Wall Scones (In metal-glass combination, and beads)
  7. Wooden Accessories with metal and glass combination
  8. Candle Snuffers (In metal)
  9. Photo Frames (In metal, glass, and beads)
  10. Flower Vases (In metal, and glass)
  11. Curtains/ Cutain Accessories
  12. Stocking Holders (In metal and beads)
  13. Boxes and Containers (In metal, glass, metal-glass combination, and beads)
  14. Baskets (In metal and beads)
  15. Trays (In metal and beads)
  16. Placemats (In beads)
  17. Coasters (In beads)
  18. Napkin Rings (In metal, glass and beads)
  19. EPNS Table wares
  20. Wine Coolers (In metal and glass)
  21. Goblets (In glass, glass-metal combination)
  22. Fruit Bowls ( In metal and glass)
  23. Planters and other Garden Accessories (In metal and beads)
  24. Bathroom Accessories (In metal, glass, and beads)